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Join our marine biologist/guide and Four Seasons chef for a coastal walk in search of edible sea life amongst a world of sea stars and seaweed… native swimmers and scuttlers.



Reading the seasons, timing the tides, and knowing your sea life can reveal a smorgasbord of healthy food for foraging. With the help of your guide and chef, you too can learn to recognize valuable sea life, learn their uses, and get to know some key recipes.

Gathering and consuming wild plants and animal instills a greater respect for the environment that is their home. This experience reconnects us to the origins of our food and vividly illustrates our dependance on nature for our survival. You will not need to get into the ocean to take part in this empowering experience; however water shoes will be provided.
Step away from online recipes and store bought ingredients and into the forgotten reality that the earth provides everything we need.

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