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Dive into the food web and experience the thrill of the underwater hunt. Our discover spearfishing is an extraordinary excursion for families and friends alike.


You slide into the water as quietly as possible and take in the new world around you. Man, woman, girl, or boy; you are now a predator. You know your environment, recognize your prey, and have the underwater skills and cunning to bring your fish to the surface on a single breath.In an increasingly more interdependent society, who doesn’t daydream of a simple and direct relationship with our food; of recognizing our place in the earth’s order, embracing our primal nature, and celebrating the autonomy of a successful hunt and delicious meal.

Spearfishing, or underwater hunting, is fishing’s most selective and engaging practice; the only fishing style in which one can cross the threshold of the oceans surface to become an active part of the underwater ecosystem; blending enjoyment and exercise into a true ‘ocean to table’ experience.

Great for families, this Discover Spearfishing excursion is a life changing family activity that introduces your children to the complete energy cycle giving them skills and appreciation to last a lifetime.

Our trained spear divers will take you through the basics of underwater hunting. You will learn how to safely operate your spear and equipment, distinguish the edible fish of our reef areas, and develop the cunning and the underwater skills to stalk and shoot your first underwater catch.


  • 3-hour expedition
  • HD photography and videos by GO PRO
  • Drinks (bottled water, electrolit® drinks, sodas)
  • Safety gear on every boat (life jackets and marine first aid kit)
  • Specially trained, bilingual and experienced Captain and Deckhands

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