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Water Toys on Four Wins 31″

Explore this beautiful Mexican paradise in style!



Relax and live it up while you cruise the north side of the bay, enjoying the beautiful island views and watching the underwater marine life and our seasonal whales (From December to March) and enjoy our water activities we have for you Like Snorkel, Floating Mat and ride a Ocean Donut in the pristine waters of the Punta Mita reefs.


  • Pastries (Banana Bread)
  • Tropical Fruit,
  • Snacks (Veggie Chips, Pretzels, Organic Chips, Peanuts),
  • Fresh Ceviche and Sashimi,
  • Cheese and Cold Cuts Platter


  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water (Flavors: Natural, Lemonade, Orange, Clementine)
  • Electrolites
  • National Beers
  • Premium Tequila, White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc) and Prosecco
  • Regular and Diet Coke
  • For Kids Apple and Berries Juices.

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