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Spearmex is a luxury boat charter company dedicated to luxury underwater fishing and sport fishing in Punta de Mita. We count on different sizes of five-star fishing boats, from a sailing yacht to a luxury boats, apart from professional guides who will help you at every moment, luxury resorts, and a unique and personalized service to make your adventure an unmatched experience.

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Area Overview

Located in the Riviera Nayarit, Punta de Mita is one of the areas with the most marine diversity in the Mexican Pacific. Its natural characteristics make it the ideal place for those who are looking for an underwater adventure and in the open sea.

The Bahia de Banderas is the second biggest in the American continent and in the northern zone it ends with a peninsula of 14 kilometers of coastline, where Punta de Mita is located. Apart from being an exuberant destination for sea lovers, it has been established as one of the most exclusive points in Mexico with its luxury hotels.

Mita is a word that the Aztecs used to define the entrance to Paradise and since hundreds of years ago this area has been recognized for its underwater richness.

Why has Punta Mita Nayarit been consolidated as a world-class destination?

The peninsula is where Punta Mita, Mexico is located is a product of thousands of years of erosion and inclement weather, which have given way to an area with a privileged climate and exuberant vegetation.

The same thing has happened below the ocean. The warm temperatures have given rise to the birth of thousands of plant and animal species, causing a broad ecosystem of marine life, in where species of all types of characteristics have their permanent or temporary habitat.

The richness of the Pacific Ocean waters washes the beaches of this region, embedded in the north of the Bahia de Banderas, and it serves as home for species such as the marlin or sailfish, as well as dolphin fish, yellow tuna, and mahi mahi, among many others.

The characteristics of its waters and natural areas have made it so that many of these species grow to reach a size that is not seen in other areas of the world which has given Punta de Mita various fishing records of different species.

Places such as the Parque Nacional de las Islas Marietas, el Morro, and Roca Corbeteña are located very closely to the coast, which makes them perfect spots for expeditions and for finding a large amount of species for fishing.

If you want to go fishing to break a record, including the one of the great yellowfin tuna, make sure to reserve in advance so we can provide you with the best service, and to broaden the possibilities to catch the fish of your dreams.

Why is Punta Mita a world class destination?

The geography and weather make Bahía de Banderas, the third largest bay in America an enviable location to practice activities like Fishing, Spearfishing, surf, scuba diving, snorkeling, kitesurf, SUP under the best possible conditions.
The bay is full of marine life: humpback whales, turtles, dolphins, stingrays, and lots of fish in any imaginable size and colors make this marine ecosystem a fishing paradise, which is one of the top  activities in the bay.
The fact of having volvanic formations whithin the perfect distance from shore where bait fish can congregate and a full ecosystem can develop creates the perfect scenario for pelagic fish to live during most of the year. Starting at 4 miles off from Punta Mita with the Marietas Islands National Park, followed by El Morro Reef 9 miles out and Roca Corbeteña at 16 miles the chain of volcanic pinacles and sea mounts continues all the way to the Marias Islands 60 miles offshore.
Punta Mita área keeps busting many spearfishing world records, people come here from all over the world in order to hunt their trophy fish.. Many of this records remain valid to the date (April 2014):
Peruvian Jack – 22 pounds
Red Snapper – 28.3 pounds
Colorado Snapper – 34.6 pounds
Yellowfin Tuna – 353 pounds
Black Marlin 467.2 lbs

Sportfishing & Spearfishing Season

In spite of the fact that underwater fishing can be done throughout the whole year, the best time for sport fishing of tuna fish and other species is between June and December in the so-called “blue water season,” since it is when a greater amount of pelagic can be appreciated.

Blue Water Season


This season for fishing trips depends on the conditions of the warm currents that come from the south and which reach their best moments between September and March. The water temperature notably favors the visibility, which can reach up to 100 feet (30 meters) and helps it to be a pleasant experience for diving underwater.

These dates are the most commonly chosen for those who are searching to break a fishing record, since they can find fish such as yellowfin or Bluefin tuna with weight reaching up to 400 pounds. In cases such as the striped marlin or flying fish, fishing is only done for a try at a world record.

Other important species that can be hunted during this season and with sport fishing are the wahoo, mahi mahi, and blue and black marlin.

Blue Water Scenarios

Roca Corbeteña is a crag located very close to Islas Marietas, at only 16 miles (10 kilometers) from the coastline and is considered one of the best places in the world for fishing yellowfin tuna, because at this site there have been at least two of the latest records registered of underwater fishing.

The clarity of its waters and climatological conditions also converts it into an ideal scenario for diving.

A little further away from the coast, at 32 miles (51 kilometers) El Banco is found, a place in where there are no structures that exceed the surface of the water and can only be accessed by GPS positioning. Here, not only yellowfin tuna can be found, but also wahoo and snapper. It is perfect for fishing games.

Situated between Roca Corbeteña and El Banco, an underwater slope is found with an extension of more than 40 miles (64 kilometers). There, schools of tuna can be found whose hunting and location will be facilitated due to our special techniques and experience, because we will take you the distance to simply pull the trigger.

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If you are trying to find that big yellowfin tuna you dreamed, make your reservation in advance in order to guarantee your experience.

Our experts will be sure to choose the most adequate dates for fishing. Also, you will count on the advice of Sebastian Melani, a professional underwater fisher with broad experience and knowledge of the Bahia de Banderas. Contact us for any doubt.

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