Freediving Level 1

Get the chance to certify yourself with the best freediving instructors! This is the perfect course to develop your diver abilities and going down to up to 20 meters deep (60 feet) in a relaxed and safe way.


Every discipline has a beginning and freediving is no exception. Spearmex is the one and only freediving academy on the Pacific coast and this initial level is the first contact to the most pure diving activity. You will learn appropriate breathing techniques and can get certified by one of the most complete diving courses in Mexico.

The SSI Freediving Level 1 will help you develop abilities to dive to depths of up to 20 meters (60 feet) in a relaxed, but most importantly, safely way.
Ready to dive-in on your next adventure? This expedition will help you learn the most relevant techniques to train and adapt your body to be as efficient as possible when diving in apnea while you develop new breathing techniques and gain muscular flexibility to optimize your freediving capacity.


  • 2-day course
  • HD photography and videos by GO PRO
  • Drinks (bottled water, electrolit, sodas) and snacks (chicken wraps, fruits selection and cookies)
  • Safety gear on every boat (life jackets and marine first aid kit)
  • Specially trained, bilingual and experienced Captain and Deckhands


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