Freediving Level 1

Take a breath and submerge yourself into the underwater realm in this SSI introductory free dive course. Get certified and leave the surface behind.


Experience freediving with Pacific Mexico’s one and only freediving academy, Spearmex, Gain the skills and confidence to take on diving’s purest discipline… one of mind and body.

In this complete SSI Level I freedive course, you will learn the most relevant techniques to train and adapt your body to be as efficient as possible while apnea diving. You will learn techniques to calm the mind and be introduced to the physiological changes your body undergoes while diving.

Our trained instructors will safely guide you through basic breathing and diving exercises as you develop the inward control, discipline and power required to dive to depths of up to 20 meters (60 feet) on a single breath.

Some take up free diving as a sport to challenge their human limits or as a mental discipline to compliment their yoga and meditation practices. Many just want to take snorkeling to the next level; experience the underwater world from within and enjoy more intimate marine life encounters. For others, free diving is the first step towards spearfishing, to bring a sense of autonomy into a modern lifestyle by hunting their own food.

Whatever your goals…

Your journey begins here!

[ ap-nee-uh ]
temporary cessation of breathing
[ free-dai-vuhng]
diving under the water independent of the use of breathing apparatus, especially in deep water.


  • 2-day course
  • HD photography and videos by GO PRO
  • Drinks (bottled water, electrolit® drinks, sodas) and snacks (chicken wraps, fruits selection and cookies)
  • Safety gear on every boat (life jackets and marine first aid kit)
  • Specially trained, bilingual and experienced Captain and Deckhands


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