Top Off Your Spring Break with a Fishing Trophy

If a vacation has any purpose, it is to recharge away from your daily routine. How better do that by doing something you love? Like embarking on a fishing trip in Punta de Mita.
Returning with a trophy can end up being something that encourages you to face the challenges of daily life, and going fishing […]

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A Fishing Trip is The Perfect Scenario to Close Your Next Business Deal 

It is commonly said that golf is the sport of business, but a fishing trip in Punta de Mita can help you get to know that person with whom you are looking to generate your next big business deal.
Meeting with your potential partner in the midst of the vastness of the ocean is a way to encourage […]

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Give Yourself the Opportunity to Experience Luxury Fishing 

Surely you are a lover of the art of fishing, and surely you have thought about the change in perception that a luxury experience can bring to your life.
What if you could share it with members of your family? Enjoy greater comfort and personalized assistance with Spearmex luxury fishing experiences.
Enjoy your passion on a luxury […]

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The Importance of Seeing Eye-to-Eye with Conservationists

The sport fishing is going through a transformational stage thanks to the concern that has been generated in Mexico and internationally with conservation actions promoted by governments.

All the time, the recreational fishing community adheres to issued regulations while taking into account that the more we contribute to the conservation of marine life, the more […]

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Fishing: An Activity to Share with Your Children

In today’s society, the explosion of technology is changing the way we interact with the world. It is possible that your own children, who were born into a media-fueled world, are not aware of the beauty of nature.

What could be better than to give them a memorable experience and to put them face […]

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550lbs of Marlin in Huanacaxtle

A few days ago, the fifth edition of the Sport Fishing Tournament of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle was held, one of the two major tournaments that take place every year in the Riviera Nayarit.

In the Marlin category, the Animal House vessel was the winner when capturing a specimen of more than 249kgs (550lbs), although […]

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Banderas Bay: A World-Class Fishing Destination

A few days ago, the Mexican Tourism, Environment, and Fishing authorities issued a restriction on the navigation of all types of vessels on the Upper Gulf of Baja California, which will last 9 weeks. Its intention is to take action for the recovery of the the Vaquita, a species that is critically endangered.

Just a […]

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Spearmex Fishing Experiences, Promoting Conservation and Enjoyment

Mexico has a privileged geography for many aspects, including fishing. However it is common to come across comments on the regulation of sport fishing which understanding at first can be a little complicated.

Of course, regulations are motivated by the superior interest of preserving environmental balance, and to ensure that you can continue to enjoy […]

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Capturing Your Own Dinner Enhances Your Life

Going on a fishing trip is an experience worth living, because it can help you reconnect with yourself and with nature. Simply contemplating the vastness of the ocean or capturing your own dinner can be a turning point in your life and give you the motivation you are seeking for the challenges you face […]

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Punta de Mita: The Perfect Setting for a Fishing Trip

Located in one of the largest bays in Mexico, Punta de Mita is a great spot for your next fishing trip.

Although the country as a whole has more than 11,000 kilometers of coastline between two oceans, Mexico is not recognized for its potential for commercial fishing, it is recognized as a wonderful setting for […]

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