Spearfishing: Hunting in the Deep

One of the advantages that comes along with Spearfishing is the opportunity to observe and choose your prey in its natural environment, and feel first hand the natural impulse to hunt that we have inherited from our ancestors. This is an adventure you can experience in Punta de Mita.

Of course, catching your pray […]

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2-hour experience on the local reefs guided by the instructor on a real hunting environment to get some lunch for the family with great photos of the whole experience

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[:en]20 min. clinic and demonstration of the principle skills you need to learn before heading to the reefs.[:es]20 minutos de clínica y demostración de las habilidades principales que debe aprender antes de dirigirse a los arrecifes.[:]

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[:en]15 min. briefing going thru all the basics and safety considerations and most important get to know all the gear involved[:es]15 minutos de sesión informativa va a través de todos los fundamentos y consideraciones de seguridad y más importante llegar a conocer a todo el equipo involucrado.[:]

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