Spearfishing: Hunting in the Deep

One of the advantages that comes along with Spearfishing is the opportunity to observe and choose your prey in its natural environment, and feel first hand the natural impulse to hunt that we have inherited from our ancestors. This is an adventure you can experience in Punta de Mita.

Of course, catching your pray […]

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Fishing: An Activity to Share with Your Children

In today’s society, the explosion of technology is changing the way we interact with the world. It is possible that your own children, who were born into a media-fueled world, are not aware of the beauty of nature.

What could be better than to give them a memorable experience and to put them face […]

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Banderas Bay: A World-Class Fishing Destination

A few days ago, the Mexican Tourism, Environment, and Fishing authorities issued a restriction on the navigation of all types of vessels on the Upper Gulf of Baja California, which will last 9 weeks. Its intention is to take action for the recovery of the the Vaquita, a species that is critically endangered.

Just a […]

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A perfect fishing day

It’s early in the morning when you embark on the adventure. The adrenaline starts flowing as you move away from the shore and make your way into the ocean. The weather is perfect and you know that the perfect fishing experience awaits you.

Then you put everything in place, get the bait ready, and wait […]

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The pleasure of breaking a fishing record

Breaking a fishing record is always a source of satisfaction. It is what many people prepare for, for years, as they expect the perfect moment, find the right conditions, navigate the best areas and make full use of their best skills and maximum concentration.

The Riviera Nayarit is the area known for several fishing records […]

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Mexico, Worldwide Destination for Sport Fishing

There are only a few places in the world that count on all of the characteristics to make them a real destination for sport fishing; Mexico is one of them, specifically the Riviera Nayarit. This is due to various factors, from the temperate climate most of the year to the rocky formations that touch […]

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[:en]Are equipped with  4 stroke outboards, spear gun racks, dual beam fish finder, Chart plotter/GPS, stereo system, marine VHF, satellite SPOT locator and emergency gear on board.  Bathroom available.[:es]Nuestros barcos equipados con motores de 4 tiempos, rack para los arpones, electrónicos, equipo de navegación (Radio VHF, Estéreo, Detector de peces, GPS y satélite SPOT […]

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Also spearos with very little experience get to enjoy diving for Tunas, Mahi, and Wahoo in a guided clinic for Blue Water Hunting.[:es]También aquellos con poca experiencia pueden llegar a disfrutar de bucear por  atún, mahi y wahoo en una clínica guiada de Caza Submarina de Pelágicos en el Azul.

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Paradise for expert hunters due to the size of the catch,  the fact of not having to deal with sharks,  world class resorts and one of the best blue water hunting operations makes Punta Mita a must for all SPEAROS.[:es]Paraíso de los cazadores expertos, debido al tamaño de la captura,  complejos turísticos de clase […]

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