Discover the Secrets of the Sea

A fascination with the unknown is immersed in human nature. The craving for knowledge is one of the great engines of our species, and we are not satisfied until our own eyes can verify the truth of what our understanding already knows. That is why the sea is so intriguing to us.

Come and see […]

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Spearmex Fishing Experiences, Promoting Conservation and Enjoyment

Mexico has a privileged geography for many aspects, including fishing. However it is common to come across comments on the regulation of sport fishing which understanding at first can be a little complicated.

Of course, regulations are motivated by the superior interest of preserving environmental balance, and to ensure that you can continue to enjoy […]

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Feel the Adrenaline of Fishing in a Kayak

We know that fishing on a boat is a classic and comfortable experience that provides the opportunity to break records and enjoy sport fishing to the fullest. But Spearmex offers another activity that will force you to break out your best fishing skills, balance, and mental strength to achieve your goal. We’d like to […]

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