Kayak Fishing: A New Way to Live Your Passion

If you love fishing, then doing on a kayak will surely give you a whole new perspective by being so close to the sea surface, in closer contact with nature and more dependant on your body’s abilities – you’re only way to move is with your own strength through rowing.

There are many factors that […]

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Mexico Creates the Largest National Park in North America

A few weeks ago, the government of Mexico has decreed the denomination of the Revillagigedo Archipelago as a National Protected Area, which prohibits all fishing activities, the extraction of natural resources and the establishment of hotel infrastructure.

The archipelago extends over more than 14 million hectares, making it equal to the surface area of Illinois […]

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Spearfishing: Hunting in the Deep

One of the advantages that comes along with Spearfishing is the opportunity to observe and choose your prey in its natural environment, and feel first hand the natural impulse to hunt that we have inherited from our ancestors. This is an adventure you can experience in Punta de Mita.

Of course, catching your pray […]

Discover the Secrets of the Sea

A fascination with the unknown is immersed in human nature. The craving for knowledge is one of the great engines of our species, and we are not satisfied until our own eyes can verify the truth of what our understanding already knows. That is why the sea is so intriguing to us.

Come and see […]

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The Importance of Seeing Eye-to-Eye with Conservationists

The sport fishing is going through a transformational stage thanks to the concern that has been generated in Mexico and internationally with conservation actions promoted by governments.

All the time, the recreational fishing community adheres to issued regulations while taking into account that the more we contribute to the conservation of marine life, the more […]

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Fishing: An Activity to Share with Your Children

In today’s society, the explosion of technology is changing the way we interact with the world. It is possible that your own children, who were born into a media-fueled world, are not aware of the beauty of nature.

What could be better than to give them a memorable experience and to put them face […]

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550lbs of Marlin in Huanacaxtle

A few days ago, the fifth edition of the Sport Fishing Tournament of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle was held, one of the two major tournaments that take place every year in the Riviera Nayarit.

In the Marlin category, the Animal House vessel was the winner when capturing a specimen of more than 249kgs (550lbs), although […]

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Banderas Bay: A World-Class Fishing Destination

A few days ago, the Mexican Tourism, Environment, and Fishing authorities issued a restriction on the navigation of all types of vessels on the Upper Gulf of Baja California, which will last 9 weeks. Its intention is to take action for the recovery of the the Vaquita, a species that is critically endangered.

Just a […]

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Spearmex Fishing Experiences, Promoting Conservation and Enjoyment

Mexico has a privileged geography for many aspects, including fishing. However it is common to come across comments on the regulation of sport fishing which understanding at first can be a little complicated.

Of course, regulations are motivated by the superior interest of preserving environmental balance, and to ensure that you can continue to enjoy […]

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The Right Wetsuit

Banderas Bay has a privileged climate most of the year, with warm waters and wonderful sunsets. So what would spark the question, “Do I need a wetsuit to dive?”

Using a wetsuit, specifically the wetsuit that is the best for you, is fundamental to guaranteeing your security when planning to submerge yourself in the crystalline […]

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